2019 | Analogue Photography-Medium Format camera | Digital Print ???


80s in Iran was a decade in which people were struggling with war. Therefore, the majority of the photographs seen in public are male-dominant and war-related in one way or another. However, in private, there was another side of the coin that I discovered in family albums which could represent three important issues.

First off, the family albums were full of colorful photos of happy occasions such as trips and endless family gatherings. This inspired me to show the women who tried to have their own feminine life despite their lack of presence outside.

As well as this, in analogue cameras there is a circle to focus. So, it is a common practice to put the subject in the center. The people used to put the subject in the center and capture the surrounding environment with this perception that the subject is the most significant part of the frame. That is why these photos can reveal valuable data about the lifestyle and taste of people that the photographer was unaware of.

Last but not least is about gazing. The persons who I selected their photographs are gazing to the camera. Are they looking at us as an audience from future or looking at the parson who is behind the camera or staring at themselves and using the camera as a mirror?