2014-2016 | Analogue Photography-Medium Format camera | Digital Print ???


Women visit beauty salons on their wedding days. Ironically, they do so in order to distance themselves from themselves. They want to achieve a desired image that people expect from the bride. As I aim to visualize women, who are in my age group, through imagery in situations where they want to show their beauty, I visited a beauty salon. This time, the subject of my image was the moment the bride walks out of the salon and face people; facing others with a different personal appearance. Throughout a period of three years, the images of the brides in this collection were taken in a women’s beauty salon, located in the Shad Abad area of Tehran. Ecstatic, anxious and clueless about what is awaiting them, they stand in front of my camera for a moment. Images that are published in a greater length than their actual size.